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Brilliant Moments! Chengde Was Awarded Two Awards: 2021 China's Top 100 Printing And Packaging Enterprises And 2021 China's Top 10 Printing Industry Innovation Awards

Update time:2021.12.09       Views:386

On December 7, the 2021 Printing and Packaging Industry Economic Forum and the National Printing Managers Annual Meeting were grandly held in Wuhan. At the "Ricoh Night • Hour of Glory" awards ceremony, Chengde Technology was awarded two awards: "2021 China Top 100 Printing and Packaging Enterprises" and "2021 China Top 10 Printing Industry Innovation".

This brilliant moment is a glorious moment for all Chengde printers. Chengde Technology will always adhere to the original intention, strive to create a "packaging future" plan, and actively develop towards the corporate strategic direction of "digital printing + recyclable materials + degradable materials", and contribute more to the new future of reshaping plastic flexible packaging.

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