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Chengde "High Barrier Recyclable Packaging" won the "Innovation and Sustainable Development Award"

Update time:2021.11.06       Views:387


In the just closed 2021 China Packaging Innovation and Sustainable Development  Forum, Chengde won the "M. SUCCES Cup 2021 China Packaging Innovation and Sustainable Development Award" with" MDO High Barrier Single Recyclable Packaging".


Nowadays, eco-friendly is the main theme all over the world. Recyclable Packaging is top urgent and important to Brands and packaging industry. 

With below great performaces of MDOPE+PE, it can replace most of traditional flexible packaging to achieve recyclable.

* It's single material,100% recyclable;

* MDOPE has great printability almost same as PET to achieve excellent printing effect;

* Has great flatness to achive automatic high speed filling;

* With PVA coating to achieve high barrier with WTR≤2g/㎡.24h and OTR≤1.0cc/㎡.24h,0.1Mpa, it can be applied for most products.


The MDO film project is Chengde's long-term development strategic plan.The project is located in the Eco-friendly Recyclable Plastic Packaging Base in Longgang City, with a planned total area of 150,000㎡. The first phase of the project has a total investment of more than 35 million USD, covering a building area of 71,000 square meters. It will be completed and put into use in the first half of 2022. 

Combining Digital printing with Single Recyclable Material in packaging, Chengde is helping Brands to quickly convey their Eco-friendly brand image through products packaging.


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