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Chengde Technology: Combining Punches And Bravely Breaking Into The Field Of Innovation

Update time:2022.05.02       Views:188

For industrial enterprises, strengthening technological innovation and internal management is a common thing, but Chengde Technology Co., Ltd. has practiced these two sets of ordinary "boxing methods" to the point of perfection, under the continuous influence of the epidemic , the company's main business growth in the first quarter of this year once again exceeded 20% year-on-year.


When I came to the company's production workshop, I could see the slogan posted above the aisle, which read "Operation standards can be followed, quality and efficiency do not have to worry", which is very conspicuous.


To let the employees of the enterprise truly grasp the key points of work and abide by the operating standards, the management of the enterprise has put a lot of effort into it. After full consideration and combining with the actual situation, the company took the lead in launching the evaluation system for job promotion in our city five years ago.


Through assessment and promotion, the salaries of employees are also increased accordingly. By adopting this method, a quality management system centered on operating standards has gradually been formed within the enterprise. In addition, the company has also introduced new work concepts including system management and digital speech, and implemented new work norms.


Fang Jingping, Manager of Administrative Department of Chengde Technology Co., Ltd.: Our company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, BRCGS and other system certifications, which guide us to carry out work systematically, rather than thinking about what to do. Speaking of numbers means that we should carry out work oriented by indicators and data, and have goals.


The internal management has brought forth new innovations, and technological innovation highlights have appeared frequently. In 2021, the company will continue to increase investment in fixed assets and speed up the pace of equipment renewal. The first HP Indigo 20000 digital printing press in Wenzhou, which was introduced at a huge cost, meets the high-end demand for individualization and customization in the market through the flexibility of digital printing, thereby effectively enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise.


The annual R&D investment of Chengde Technology accounts for more than 3% of the total sales. By strengthening the R&D team, strengthening cooperation with colleges and universities, improving the research and development capabilities of enterprises, and accelerating the research and development of new products.


Feng Zhiwei, Technical R&D Director of Chengde Technology Co., Ltd.: A "high-barrier MDO single-material packaging" product independently developed by the company at the end of 2021 was introduced to the European market at the end of last year and was widely praised by many customers. Now mass production has begun.




Not long ago, after obtaining the drug packaging material license issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, the company also undertook the production of large quantities of antigen detection reagent bags in China, further expanding sales, enhancing corporate influence, and contributing to the domestic anti-epidemic efforts. Contribute to the strength of Longgang. A few days ago, the company's protective mask digital workshop was also awarded the Zhejiang Province Smart Factory (Digital Workshop).



Wang Daode, Chairman of Chengde Technology Co., Ltd.: In early 2020, the epidemic broke out. Our company actively planned and responded in a timely manner, and looked for business opportunities from the crisis. At the same time, the government has issued a series of policies to benefit enterprises, which has enhanced our confidence in the development of our enterprises. We continue to improve the management system, improve product quality, and improve service quality. In the first quarter of 2022, the output value of the flexible packaging industry will increase by more than 20% year-on-year.

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