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Chengde MDOPE production projects was listed as Green Manufacturing Demonstration Project

Update time:2022.07.12       Views:300

Chengde annual output of 4,000 tons of MDOPE production project was listed as 2022 Green Manufacturing Demonstration Project of Zhejiang Province .

MDOPE films can be used to replace BOPP and BOPET to produce recyclable pure PE layer composite films with high stiffness to maintain printing and bagging, high transparency and good heat resistance to minimize packaging shrinkage.

Pure PE packaging is easy to recycle and can replace traditional mixed material packaging that is not recyclable. In addition, directional stretching of PE films can improve properties that cannot be achieved in blown or extruded films, such as enhanced stiffness, toughness and optical properties, enabling pure PE packaging to be widely used in more industries, such as various types of food packaging.



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