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Degradable packaging-Paper packaging

Update time:2022.03.30       Views:572

With the continuous advancement of global sustainable development, the topic of environmental protection has been concerned by more and more brand buyers and consumers. Chengde actively responds to the call for sustainable development of environmental protection at home and abroad.After Single PE Recyclable Packaging Material, Chengde is launching  solid paper packaging bags which is recyclable and biodegrable with peformance below. It can be widely used in light package food like tea bag, herbs, spices, sugar, popsicle, etc. 
The performance of paper packaging:
1.Oil repellent
3.Heat Sealable Paper

Combining ability of Indigo Digital Printing Lines, self produced Eco-friendly and High Barrier material, Chengde is providing more valuable packaging material to clients, and help brands to launch new products with innovative eco-friendly material in fast speed. 

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