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Deputy Director Of Wenzhou Municipal Bureau Of Human Resources And Social Security Zhuang Jialing With His Entourage Visited Chengde

Update time:2021.12.08       Views:338

On December 7, Zhuang Jialing, deputy director of Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and his entourage came to Chengde for a research visit. Miao Xinjiang, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of Longgang Municipal Committee, Liu Jiaoshai, Deputy Director of the Social Affairs Bureau, Wang Deshang, Section Chief of the Organization Department, and Yang Dezhi, Deputy Chief of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Social Affairs Bureau, accompanied the visit.

The research team inspected the cultural exhibition hall of Chengde Technology on the spot, and carried out a special symposium.At the symposium, President Wang of Chengde Technology introduced Chengde's highlight work in the cultivation of printing talents. First, based on the characteristics of the printing and packaging industry, the establishment of a "pass and help" mechanism. Make full use of the advantages of its own training position, continue to carry out the "master-apprentice pairing", and continuously strengthen the training of talents. Second, with the assistance of Longgang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau this year, Chengde started to independently carry out vocational skill level certification qualification work. Through training and appraisal, employees can obtain corresponding professional grade certificates in the company and realize a scientific, social, and diversified evaluation mechanism for skilled talents.

Deputy director of Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security Zhuang Jialing fully affirmed Chengde’s talent cultivation work, and hoped that Chengde can give full play to its advantages, combined with the advantages of Longgang's development and agglomeration of the printing industry, and on the road to achieve high-quality development, Continue to make greater contributions to the cultivation of technical talents in the Longgang printing industry.

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