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Easy Peel pouch bring convenience to customers

Update time:2021.10.06       Views:359

Nowadays, convenient consumer experience is very important. 
It is a challenge to packaging industry for some products which need 2 different materials to mixed together for the best tast, but should be packed separated before consumer have it. 

Chengde's  temperature sensitive film make it be possible. It can be  positioned easy peel through pressure and sealing temperature adjustment. 2 different materials can be packed into 2 different chambers in just one bag and easily mix by peeling the compartment seal in the middle. Please click this link to view the easy peel pouch use demo video.

Chengde is an expert in the manufacturing of this double chamber bag from raw material with self own patented PE formula. It is widely used in coffee packaging gusset bag as well to avoid coffee falls out by improper tearing from. With the easy peel film, the top of the bag can be easily opened without coffee falling out risks.

If you have any questions about easy peel pouch , please feel free to contact us.

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