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Energy saving and consumption reduction, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, we are always in action!

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Energy saving and consumption reduction-we have been doing it

Energy conservation and emission reduction is a major strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee of the Chinese People's Communist Party, and it is also the inevitable pursuit of enterprises to achieve sustainable and healthy development. In order to actively respond to the government's initiative of "energy saving and consumption reduction" and "orderly use of electricity", Chengde Technology combined with the actual situation of the company to cultivate and practice the resource concept of saving, intensive, and recycling, to improve employees' awareness of energy conservation, and to have a deep understanding of energy conservation. The important significance of reducing consumption, improving quality and increasing efficiency, combined with the actual implementation of effective energy-saving and emission-reduction measures in an orderly manner, contributes to the realization of the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality".

On the afternoon of September 27th, Chengde Technology Co., Ltd. launched a communication meeting on "energy saving and consumption reduction" and established a special group of Chengde Technology "Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction" to vigorously carry out a series of energy saving and emission reduction activities. The first is to implement the implementation and evaluation of "energy saving and consumption reduction" in various workshops and departments. The second is the bright spot and brightening of "energy saving and consumption reduction" in the collection department and workshop. The third is to continue to implement and optimize the water and power saving measures in the whole plant area, and to improve the actual water and power saving actions. The fourth is to increase the company's "energy saving and consumption reduction" cultural publicity, and carry out energy saving activities throughout the plant.

Chengde uses Dingdings internal communication platform and workshops to use pre-class meeting time to convey the companys spirit, promote energy conservation and carbon reduction and green development concepts, popularize the concepts of carbon neutralityand carbon peakto employees, and advocate a green and low-carbon lifestyle And work methods, and integrated into the workshop management, so that all employees can enhance the awareness of energy conservation, and implement it, and put the responsibility into action.

Employees consciously promote resource conservation and intensive use, and insist on starting from me, saving every kilowatt of electricity, every drop of water, and every piece of paper.

1. Moderate use of electricity. People consciously turn off the lights when they leave, and make full use of natural light to eliminate turn on the lights during the day and Turn on the lights for a long time; reduce the number of lighting and only turn on necessary lighting; use air conditioners and computers reasonably to reduce standby energy consumption; when equipment is used up Turn off the power in time, so that when people leave, the power is turned off; try to take the stairs to reduce the frequency of elevator use, thereby reducing energy consumption.

2. Line transformation. The dormitory building, curing room, various corridors, etc., always light sources are transformed into voice-activated switches; peripheral LEDs and various propaganda display screens are used to reduce the frequency of broadcasting; the canteen air-conditioning is opened regularly to save power to the greatest extent.

3. Green office. Use paperless office as much as possible, and submit all approvals such as leave and reimbursement online to reduce the number of printing and promote double-sided printing. At the same time, employees are required to fill in various forms carefully to reduce paper waste caused by errors.

4. Strengthen the awareness of water saving. Try to shorten the water use time as much as possible, turn off the faucet easily, so that the water stops when people leave, consciously put an end to running, spilling, dripping, and leaking, and resolutely avoid the phenomenon of "long water".

5. Strengthen the awareness of optical discs. Oppose waste and implement the compact disc operation. When eating, save food, do not over-order meals, encourage leftover meal packaging, and eliminate leftovers.

It is our obligatory responsibility to vigorously promote "energy saving and consumption reduction". Employees must increase their awareness of energy concerns, develop the habit of practicing strict conservation, opposing waste, and advocating green and low-carbon lifestyles, work methods, and production methods. And to encourage friends and family around us to conscientiously save energy resources, and strive to form an atmosphere where everyone talks about energy conservation and low-carbon everywhere, so that energy conservation and consumption reduction become our guide for daily actions.

Green development is the original intention and mission of the company's long-term development. Chengde Technology Co., Ltd. actively responds to the government's call to improve the quality of employees, save energy and reduce consumption, and live a low-carbon life. There is an action called energy saving, a kind of life called low-carbon, a kind of hope called green, and a kind of future called development. Let us take action and work hand in hand for Chengde to build a beautiful green factory.

Carbon peak: Refers to a certain region or industry's annual greenhouse gas emissions reaching the highest value in history. It is a historical turning point in which greenhouse gas emissions have changed from increasing to decreasing, marking the transition of economic development from high energy consumption and high emissions to a clean and low energy consumption model.

Carbon neutrality: refers to the total amount of carbon emitted directly and indirectly from human activities in a certain period of time (usually a year) and the total amount of carbon absorbed through afforestation, industrial carbon sequestration, etc., offset each other, to achieve carbon "net zero" emission".

Energy saving and emission reduction start with me. The achievement of the carbon neutral goal is closely related to each of us. Turn off the computer in time, open a window, bring your own shopping bag, plant a tree... As long as you learn to reduce: reduce emissions, reduce pollution, reduce burden, reduce desire, slow down, you can contribute to carbon neutrality and carbon emission reduction own power.

Reduce carbon emissions,it is Everyone responsible. Let us do it! To achieve the goal of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" Make a contribution!

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