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The mayor of Longgang City visited Chengde and gave high recognition

Update time:2021.11.29       Views:376

The Mayor of Longgang City, Lin Haihan and his party visited Chengde Technology Co., Ltd. on November 28 for research and guidance.

Mr. Wang's introduction of Chengde's current production and operation and future development goals, and visited Chengde's production workshop to learn more about the printing and bag making process of flexible packaging.

The mayor highly affirmed the work achieved by the company and encouraged the company to become bigger and stronger, and make further contributions to the high-quality development of Longgang's economy.

At present, Chengde Technology has introduced the German MDO single recyclable blown film production line and material barrier coating production line. It is expected to be officially put into production in 2022. Through the empowerment of science and technology, it will further promote the green, digital, and intelligent printing and packaging products of the company. The high-quality development of Longgang's printing and packaging industry.

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