Plastic Recyclable Packaging

Three Situtations of Eco-friendly Recyclable Material

Global Situation

As environment gets worse and worse, people allover the world gradually realize the importance of protecting our earth. The global leading companies such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mondelez International have announced that all packaging will be recyclable by 2025.

lndustry Situation

Due to the harsh conditions for biodegradation and the limit of printability and barrier of biodegradable material like PLA, the biodegradable material is not able to be widely used flexible packaging at the present. Thus the recyclable single material is the first choice.

Product Situation

Product Situation: In the context of growing global awareness of environmental protection, people prefer to the eco-friendly packaging when choice the products.


  • Are they 100% Recyclable?

    • Yes our bags are certified by an independent laboratory for recyclability. And it is Double E Certified ( Easy-to-recycle, Easy-to-regenerate)

  • What’s the MOQ of it?

    • We have both digital printing and rotogravure printing. For digital printing, the general MOQ is 1000pcs and MOQ of rotogravure printing is around 30000pcs.

  • Can it be spot matt/glossy for recyclable material?

    • Yes, it can be spot matt/glossy with rotogravure printing. But if it is digital printed for small quantity, it can only be whole matt or whole glossy.