More now than ever before, brands in all categories are being challenged to use packaging and processes that reduce emissions, minimize waste, and consume fewer natural resources.
PTo help brands to achieve their sustainability goals, Chengde is offering high barrier recyclable rollstocks and pouches in multiple types with convenient features to minimizing their impact on nature. Enjoy the same vivid graphics and quick turnaround, but with a better environmental impact.

Improve Your Brand Image

Make a sustainable impression on your target market by switching to more eco-friendly packaging. A vast majority of customers feel positive about brands that use sustainable packaging. Work with our graphic design team to place the right eco-labels on your products.

Expand Your Customer Base

Going green attracts customers who are conscious about their carbon footprint. On the shelf, your product becomes the better option because of your sustainable, eco-friendly flexible packaging.

Energy Saving and Emission Reduction - Solar Clean Energy

Chengde Technology invested around 1 million USD to build solar photovoltaics, with an installed capacity of 1980KW.
Part of energy in the factory area is self-supplied with Solar clean energy, reducing carbon emissions, and practicing corporate environmental responsibility.
Chengde is planned to invest in the construction of more solar photovoltaics to achieve self-supply of clean energy.